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Five Thoughts On Convincing Your Parents Senior Care Is Right For Them: A Case Study

If you or your parents find themselves ready to consider transitioning to Senior Living, talk to us. Let us show you how we can put our expertise to work for a stress-free move.

Take a closer look at what the transition to Senior Living should look like.

Here is a case study with direct relevance to  our blog “Five Thoughts On Convincing Your Parents Senior Care Is Right For Them,” focusing on children helping their parents transition to senior living. You can jump to that article from this link.

This is the story of a client (Mrs. Z) who recently lost her husband and realized she had more home than she really needed or could manage. This is a story that repeats itself time after time, in search of a good ending. Fortunately, she has a loving, caring daughter and son-in-law (Mr. & Mrs. H) as advocates taking a proactive role in helping her navigate the process of downsizing and transitioning to her next home. We were grateful to be of service.

The Back Story: With all the resources in place and orchestrated, the transition to Senior Living is smooth and stress-free.

We had just sold a home with an identical floorpan in the community and Mr. & Mrs. H noted that fact, as well as our focus on really high-end photography. That’s why they called us. Our marketing plan and analysis was well received. We took the listing and immediately brought in our professional stager and mover, An Organized Move. They are simply the best. This ensures the home photographs and shows its very best. An Organized Move always goes above and beyond for us. You’ll find them and many other service providers on our Resources Page

We cannot overstate the importance of our insistence upon professional quality photography. In a market where the photographs sell the home to buyers hundreds or thousands of miles away, appearance is everything. It’s really hard to imagine making big money decisions based solely on pictures and words, but it happens. And our pictures and words tell the story. 

We Take Care Of Our Clients

We weren’t only there to present the offer, we were there for the inspection, appraisal, and closing. We counseled Mrs. Z and her kids every step of the way, making sure she was comfortable moving forward. We took additional time to minimize the stress and maximize convenience. We even offered to drive Mrs. Z to the closing. 

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have served and appreciated their confidence in our ability to smooth out the transition process in an otherwise uncertain time.

In our Senior Living blog, Part II “What is the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Designation and Why is it Important For Seniors?,” we talk about the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (R) (SRES) designation and how meaningful it is to Florida’s 4 million seniors. You can jump to that article here

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